Masters Swimming Foundations

Masters Swimming is one of the most fun and healthy forms of exercise, but we also know it can be a little daunting as a newbie or inexperienced group swimmer. I’m not strong enough.  I’ll get in the way.  What lane do I get in?  What if I can’t do (or don’t want to do) what everyone else is doing?  I’m not ready yet – I’ll just go workout on my own for a while before joining a group.  

Answers to those very questions and more are at the core of our newest swim program, Masters Swimming Foundations. If you’ve taken our Freestyle Fundamentals course and still want more experience before joining our Masters squad, this clinic is perfect for you. The goal is to bridge that gap so that you feel comfortable in a group setting with swimmers of all levels.

Upcoming Workshop Dates

You can attend 8 of the following classes to complete the workshop. Mix and match your classes to best fit your schedule! We will address topics from Freestyle Fundamentals & Masters Foundations during each class.

April, 17th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 26th, 28th, May 1st & 3rd


Cost: $200 for the 8 class workshop. 

To Register: Click Here or Email for questions

Equipment: Goggles, kickboard, fins, pull buoy and paddles. We recommend Swim Freak Swim Store if you live South or Central Austin (Brodie Oaks, 4032 S Lamar Blvd #500, Austin, TX 78704)

In the series, you’ll work with a USA Swimming Certified Coach and learn the basics of group swimming including:

  1. What is basic swim etiquette in a group setting? Within a lane?

  2. How do I circle swim properly? 

  3. How do I swim in a lane with people who are faster/slower than I am?

  4. What is a “set” or “send-off” and all the other swimming lingo/abbreviations used?

  5. How do I know what to do or how fast to go?

  6. Do I have to use a pace clock?  What are the benefits of using a pace clock?

  7. Do I have to do the other strokes?  Why?

  8. What if I have an injury or other condition that may impact my workout? 

  9. How can I adjust a workout to suit my current level? 

The format of the class is workout and teaching based. You will be in a small group of Masters Foundations swimmers and the coach will lead the workout like a Masters Swim class. Expect to swim between 1,000-2,000 yards as the workouts progress each week.