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The Academy Triathlon training program accommodates all levels of athletes!  We are the only club in central Texas that combines world-class coaching, our own state-of-the-art facility, and custom training plans for each athlete. Our workout and class structure is designed to enhance race specific performances by challenging you physically and motivating you mentally!

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Depending on your training goals, we offer 4 different memberships to choose from.  All memberships include access to any of our adult fitness classes.  Drop in to any of our classes for $20, your first class is free!


  • 10 workouts p/month
  • Initial assessment + 1 race meeting w/coach
  • AASA gear + discounts


  • 4 workouts p/week
  • Initial assessment + twice/year meetings w/coach
  • AASA gear + discounts
  • Free weekend workouts


  • 6 workouts p/week
  • Initial assessment + quarterly meetings w/coach
  • AASA gear + discounts
  • Free weekend workouts


  • Unlimited workouts
  • Customized TriDot training plan
  • Initial assessment + weekly meetings w/coach
  • AASA gear + discounts
  • Free weekend workouts

*+ $60 initiation fee; contract requires minimum 3 month commitment.

We require 15 days notice of membership cancellation; please email: for more questions, or to cancel.

Thank you to our sponsors!

The Academy is proud to announce our partnership with TriDot® triathlon training system. The TriDot® system is a one-of-a-kind, patents-pending coaching and training system that takes the guesswork out of triathlon training and racing.  The system, based on actual athlete training data and corresponding performance results, uses advanced algorithms to produce optimized training programs specifically designed for each athlete that deliver maximum results per training hour invested.  Our dedicated coaches provide ongoing support and consults as athletes implement triathlon training programs and execute their race plans to predictably turn their goals into reality.

The Academy is proud to partner with Dr. Bradley Holden, D.C., C.E.S. and his team at HealthFirst Spine & Wellness.  Dr. Bradley Holden, D.C., C.E.S. has been in practice for over 22 years concentrating on corrective chiropractic care.  At HealthFirst Spine & Wellness, they believe that everyone deserves a healthy, pain-free life, and therefore, they provide high-quality, compassionate chiropractic care to help thier patients achieve the best mental and physical health.

The Academy is proud to work with Johnny Devora and his realty team, contact them for all your realty needs!  Devora Realty is a full-service real estate and advisory firm and our team of real estate professionals is here to help guide you through the entire development process. Whether your goal is to build a single-family residence, condo development or larger multi-family complex; Devora Realty is here to facilitate the efficient execution of the development process from start to finish.

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