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Freestyle Fundamentals Clinic 

This clinic has been a mainstay and one of our most popular programs, especially for those who are new to swimming or wanting to brush up on their skills and increase efficiency in the water. It’s perfect for both triathletes and recreational swimmers alike.  Click HERE for details!



Run Biomechanics Clinic

The course explores ideal running form, provides an overview of how common biomechanical faults link to injury, and how to identify and address them through film analysis. Not only will the athlete understand what perfect running form is, he or she will be introduced to various types of run training workouts and understand the physiology behind the energy systems utilized within each one.

Academy Class Schedule – November

Click HERE to view our group class schedule, including masters swim, cycling, running and strength classes. Want to view classes and enroll? Our MindBody Account and Reservation System is HERE.

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