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Core Values:

Believe- to have FAITH or CONFIDENCE and to have the ability to accept something as true, genuine, or real

Dedication- the WILL to work toward achieving one’s goals

Attitude- believing something CAN be done rather than accepting it CAN’T be done

Respect- to ACCEPT who you are and ACCEPT others as they are


The strength and conditioning department is focused on improving physical performance and the well-being of all individuals by using safe practices, educating athletes on healthy lifestyles that go beyond the weight room, and developing a well-rounded exercise experience. By applying research-based knowledge and communicating with athletes/staff we can promote injury prevention and improve athletic performance.

Our coaches are constantly growing and learning ways to ensure the health and safety of the individual, thus allowing them to perform to peak potential. 

Our facility provides the opportunity to train in a space dedicated to individual success.

Purchase any plan here, or drop-in to get started,
your first class is FREE!

Personal Training and Small Groups
55 minute sessions that focus on functional movement, injury prevention, strength, speed, stamina, or coordination depending on your fitness goals

1 person x Single Session: $110

1 person x 4 pack: $410($102.50/session)
1 person x 8 pack: $735 ($91.87/session)
1 person x 12 pack: $970 ($80.83/session)

Group Fitness
55 minute group fitness classes that focus on functional movement, strength, and high intensity interval training.

Drop-in: $25

10 class punch card: $145

Two months of group fitness: $315 (valid 2 months from first class use)

10 group fitness class punch cards are valid for 6 months after purchase. If you have any questions or want more information email to:

4 pack lessons are valid for 2 months from sale date, 8 pack lessons are valid 4 months from sale date, 12 pack lessons are valid 6 months from sale date; no exceptions.  All personal training and small group sessions must be scheduled with one of our trainers, please contact: for more information

Cancellations: All memberships are on a month to month basis.  You must notify us at least 15 days prior to your next billing date to cancel your account.  Please send cancellation requests to:

Contact Info

5513 Southwest Parkway
Austin, TX 78735

Phone: 512-276-2324