Strength and Conditioning 

At Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy, our goal is to get you into the best shape of your life for the demands that your body requires with our Strength and Conditioning classes. We have a unique blend of experience and equipment that will challenge you mentally and physically across a broad spectrum of skills.

Depending on your needs and goals, athletes can choose between two types of athletic training:

Women-Only Strength  

This 6-week course is open to any and all female athletes, whether you currently attend AASA workouts or are training on your own!

Learn how to master the barbell and other strength essentials such as sand bells, dumbbells, medicine balls and more! Athletes will also develop a better understanding of how resistance training can be applied to any training program to reach fitness goals. The course will meet you where you are, whether you are an experienced weightlifter or have never stepped foot inside a gym.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7AM – 8AM Starting June 13th

Current Academy Strength athletes can apply their existing partnerships to attend each workout. Anyone currently enrolled as a Triathlon or Masters athlete can attend for a minimal fee.


Non-Academy Athletes: $165 for the 6-week program (less than $14 per class!)

Current Academy Contract Athlete (Triathlon, Masters): $20 Bundle fee

New for June Session: Refer a New Friend to the Class and You Both Get a Special $150 Price!


Group Strength and Conditioning Classes7

Our Director of Strength and Conditioning, Dan Jackson, has created a series of one-hour classes designed to increase explosive speed, power and agility through all forms of movement. Transform into a three-dimensional athlete through the use of various equipment and weights while you sprint, leap, jump, shuffle, backpedal and even crawl your way to greatness. These classes rotate throughout the day and athletes can choose the frequency of attendance and which class to attend based on their preference, training schedule and goals.

Athletes that arrive 15 minutes late will not be permitted into class.

2 classes per week: $130/month ($115 if ASC parent)
3 classes per week: $190/month ($175 if ASC parent)

Unlimited classes per week: $250/month ($225 if ASC parent)

10-Class Punchcard (3 month expiration): $175 ($160 if ASC parent)
Single Drop-in Fee: $20 per class

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Personal One-on-One Strength and Conditioning

Here, you’ll work one-on-one with your trainer to develop an individualized road map to your goals through sport specific athletic training.

Each sport demands its own unique movements, strength, conditioning, and skill-sets so plans will focus on functional movement, injury prevention, strength, speed, stamina, and coordination to compliment the sport(s) you are most passionate about.

Personal-One-on-One strength and conditioning is also valuable if you are recovering from an injury and want to receive personalized attention and a custom routine. This can be specific to healing the injured area as well as focusing on overall fitness and health.

Single Sessions: 60 min session $75 ($65 if ASC parent)

Multiple Sessions:
One Month 4-pack: $300 ($260 if ASC parent)
One Month 8-pack: $520 ($470 if ASC parent)
One Month 12-pack: $720 ($650 if ASC parent)