Freestyle Fundamentals Swim Clinic 

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Are you an adult that is new to swimming, or have you been away from the sport for awhile? The Freestyle Fundamentals clinic is for adults who want to build on their skill set to become stronger lap swimmers. This includes anyone who loves to swim, wants to join a master’s workout, or even triathletes who want to gain confidence. The emphasis of the clinic will be on breathing, kicking, drills, technique, and building endurance to improve your freestyle stroke. Our goal is to help adult swimmers achieve their personal swimming goals!

Equipment needed: Kickboard, goggles, pull buoy, swim fins

Details: March 2017 

For March ONLY: The adult classes offer 8x sessions, so pick which ones fit your schedule best and email your choices.  You’ll need to let her know which classes you plan to attend so she knows to be at the facility during that time.

  • Wednesday 8th 1:00
  • Monday 20th 1:00
  • Tuesday 21st 8:00
  • Wednesday 22nd 1:00
  • Thursday 23rd 8:00
  • Monday 27th 1:00
  • Tuesday 28th 8:00
  • Wednesday 29th 1:00
  • Thursday 30th 8:00

Price: $200 for the entire 4-week clinic 

Location: Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy, 5513 Southwest Parkway, 78735

To Register: Click HERE or send email to for registration assistance.