Run Biomechanics, Bike Fits and More

Three Week Run Biomechanic Clinic

This monthly course explores ideal running form, provides an overview of how common biomechanical faults link to injury and shows you how to identify and address them through film analysis. Not only will the athlete understand what perfect running form is, he or she will be introduced to various types of run training workouts and understand the physiology behind the energy systems utilized within each one.

Monthly course includes: Video Analysis, Shoe Recommendations and Group Run Drills

Upcoming Dates: Starting January 11th!

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Cost for Clinic:

$100 Academy Athlete

$150 Non-Academy Athlete



Private Coaching Sessions with Coach Jeff Raines

Bike FitJeff Clinics

A good bike fit maximizes comfort and aerodynamics. Coach Jeff works with each athlete to create the position that is most comfortable for you. A great fit will increase power, eliminate stressed or sore spots, and reduce rider pain and fatigue.

This could be the single most important session you book this training season.

 Book Bike Fit: $125/hr for Academy athletes

Book Bike Fit: $175/hr for Non-Academy athletes 

Indoor and Outdoor Cycling Skills

Increase your confidence and efficiency with private indoor or outdoor cycling classes. If you are timid during races or group rides, you will, no doubt, benefit from a private outdoor skills session. Learn the basics of cornering, pack riding and how to maneuver in large packs of cyclists through drills and demonstration.

An indoor private cycling session will take a close look at your form, power, fit and pedaling efficiency. What’s the best way to attack hills? What cadence should I be riding? Do I always need to be in aero to get the most power? These are just a few discussion points with a private indoor or outdoor cycling session with Coach Jeff Raines.

Book Indoor Cycling Session: $50/30 min

Book Outdoor Handling Skills Session: $75/hr