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Q&A with Tony Prohl

– Can you give us a little background on yourself? Did you play sports growing up? Hobbies? Interests?

Sure, growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, my dad was a big sports guy, while I did play and overall enjoy sports, I preferred them as recreational. Throughout my youth I played baseball, football, golf, and basketball (my sport of choice, in the MJ era!) though only until my freshmen year of high school. My main passions and interest growing up was art and film, which has given me a successful career creating art as an Art Director in the gaming Industry.

– What first brought you to AASA/got you interested in starting a training routine?

My boss, Damon offered us a gym membership for a few months, He recommended AASA because it was near work and something we can do during lunch. I have never worked out with trainers before so it was brand new for me.

– Did you have any initial insecurities that you were able to overcome? If so, how has that shaped how you approach each training session?

Plenty to overcome, I have lower back issues, and I’m no spring chicken! However I do make sure I push myself during the workout. Both Dan and Bo are great motivators to make sure I get through it, as well as recommend modifications to help make sure I don’t hurt myself.

– What has been some of the biggest changes in your life since starting strength training at the Academy?

Man, where to begin… I have lost weight (around 10 pounds), gained muscle mass, I am a lot more flexible and have better balance, I have adjusted my diet to help fit the workout program and really don’t crave the bad stuff as much as I use to.  I feel a lot better about myself and will eventually need to update my wardrobe as I continue to sculpt my body. YAY YAY!

– What are some goals that you still want to accomplish through training

I would love to continue to work on strengthening my core, as well as my legs. (Deadlifts are my arch enemy right now!) I want to define my muscles more and continue to overcome my back issues through working out.

– Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for anyone considering coming to the gym for the first time?

Easy… having the motivation of the coaches and others in the class makes it a joy and fun!  I also love that the workout moves can be modified to help grow your strength at the individual pace, as well as make sure it is the correct way to do the move. Sure, sometimes we got to do the VC, but it is a love/hate thing! Both Dan and Bo are phenomenal trainers and good people, they are more like cool friends!   

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